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Rat tuyet. Cam on ban.

The best english-vietnamese

Thanks for your dictionary ! I use it everyday .

Viet tu dien

Excellent tool, i appreciated very much. Thank you Mr Truyen Le Van


I tried a lot of eng-vn dict but this is the best


Great dictionary, very useful and easy to use!

Very good

And free!

Good service for free

I started to learn vietnamese with another app from the app-store which i had to pay for. This app uses many words not explained in the lesson. Vietnames dictionary helps me a lot to understand these lessons. Also in daily conversation i use it often. As a beginner i sometimes would like to find the right vietnamese words without showing the correct accents.




thanks for the free app

Great app. All un One

Awesome job man

The best dictionary

This free apps is awesomeeeeeee

Super useful program<3

It helps me learn well ESL xD

Rất hay.

Hiệu quả.


Excellent in many counts, and the bonus is English to Vietnamese.

phonetically incorect!

the vietmamese phonetics for the words are completely incorrect for the woman speaker and so-so for the man. DO NOT LEARN THEIR PRONUNCIATION!!! Otherwise, the app is a nice way to find translations from diverse dictionaries, although it is quite known that many viet-English or viet-French dictionaries are quite inaccurate.

Love it

It is very good app.

Vietnamese dictionary

I wish there were some pictures to go along with the definitions. Im trying to learn Vietnamese on my own so the pictures would be great if it came with the words I enter. That would be a 5 star for sure! Plus the layout is pretty boring too...some pronunciations are incorrect also..pls fix

Its awesome!

A must have. And the best V-E Dict I have used!


Im pleasure with this dictionary <3

Great apss

Believe me , this is the best vietnamese apps. One only thing for me isnt go is that it cost more than 100mb .good luck :)

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